Jason Occleshaw

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Jason Occleshaw
Senior Manager
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Phone: 02 9299 1200
Email: jasonoccleshaw@caaa.biz

Under that cool, calm exterior, Jason likes to step into the unknown. You see he’s a Trekkie. An avid fan of the somewhat perplexing world of Star Trek. Now that’s not to say that he’s always lost in space. On the contrary, as a key member of the CAAA team his feet are firmly planted on terra firma, providing input on elements of the business that are invaluable.

He not only gives customers current accounting and bookkeeping advice, financial statement preparation and business advice, but structure and complex taxation advice as well.

Jason finds the working environment at CAAA a very satisfying one where no two days are ever the same; where the diversity of the client base and the creativity of the CAA team provide an environment of endless variety. It all folds neatly into his continuous plan to achieve better.

After taking on so much at the office, Jason likes to step away and spend time with his family, and get his hands dirty in the garden. He feels that this hobby in particular keeps him perfectly grounded.