Silas Chan

Director – CAAA Wong & Mayes

Background and Experience

Silas joined Wong and Mayes in 1992, originally performing audits and assisting with the Asian client Portfolio. He went on to become a partner of the firm in 1999 focusing on Asian client market.


Silas holds a Bachelor of Commerce from University of New South Wales, and is a qualified Chartered Accountant, a registered tax agent and registered company auditor.  He trained with PFK as an auditor.


Silas is currently engagement partner of a small listed tech company on ASX. His clientele base and expertise includes foreign investors, local Asian families and expats working overseas and then returning to Australia. Silas is passionate about helping his clients to understand and leverage residency and non-residency tax scenarios, tax structure on foreign income and overseas assets. He is highly experienced in negotiating ATO audits over complex tax situations, undisclosed foreign income and tax.

Away from work

Silas is a seasoned traveller, who loves to spend time with his family exploring local and overseas holiday destinations in his spare time.