Planning was hugely important to us at that early stage of starting our business and Commercial Associates were there for us straight away. They didn’t put us off until tomorrow or next week and were really receptive to our needs there and then. We wanted a good sized accounting firm but knew we couldn’t afford a big 4 firm as we were a start-up company at the time. It was a really good fit from the very beginning.

Paul gave us a lot of insight on how the company should be structured, contracts should be drafted, and the parameters of the warranties. The information was easy to understand and they also worked very closely with our solicitors to push it all through without complications. Four years on and we now have a team of 35 staff and a national presence so our specific needs have changed yet the way we work together has not. Larger firms I’ve worked with want to take the control away from us but we always felt comfortable that Commercial Associates are giving the advice we need, but at the same time we felt very much part of the process and that’s hugely important to us.

I believe Commercial Associates have the full range of services for companies and individuals at all levels. In everything we have done, Fleming and Paul have come to the party with structures on how to set it up, provided some great strategies and ideas to reduce our taxes, and formalised everything with our banks to satisfy their requirements. I now consider Fleming a good mate and very much part of our group of advisors.