As we begin to emerge from the world of working from home, it is important that businesses, employees and employers have the tools to deal with the COVID-19 environment and ensure they are all working together to support a safe, healthy workplace.

Our team have put together some strategies as a guide to implement, to ensure a safe as possible return to normality.

The CAAA Guidelines

Regroup: Public policy measures taken to limit the spread of COVID-19 are resulting in a majority of face-to-face meeting changing to virtual meetings and collaborations. These are critical to moving initiatives, projects, and daily responsibilities forward and you need to ensure you have the necessary infrastructure ready to go.

Plan: Consider what your plan will be if someone in your business contracts COVID-19? Are your risk assessments up to date to be able to deal with this, if it occurs? Ensure you have given extra consideration to people who are more vulnerable, such as those pregnant or in an older age group.

Communicate: With your team. Make sure you are all well trained on how the business will operate, safety and cleaning procedures and how to control risks. Any new rules that you have set in place in regards to common spaces should be printed and posted around the workplace. You should also let suppliers and customers know what updates have been made to your business practices in order to keep everyone safe.

Prevent: Consider how you will make sure people are social distancing appropriately. You may need to consider rearranging the furniture configuration or a roster system where only a percentage of staff are allowed in the workplace at any given time. Take into account public transport travel and how you will manage risk for staff who use this for their work commute.

Clean: How will we clean your workplace? Staff need to make sure they clean their work spaces daily, and have the necessary products available to do so. You need to take into consideration your visitors procedures. Make sure you have a sign in book to take down each visitors details, a temperature check performed on everyone who walks in the door and sanitiser is readily available.

A new toolkit for Australian businesses has been added to the WorkSafe Australia website to help get business up and running as soon as possible. The toolkit outlines how employers can achieve a secure environment in a new Coronavirus-vigilant workplace, from personal hygiene to social distancing to what to do in the case of a suspected outbreak of the virus at work.

If COVID-19 has affected your business, or you would like information in general on assistance that is available please contact your CAAA Commercial Concierge.

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