Silas Chan

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Silas Chan
Director CAAA Wong and Mayes

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Phone: 02 9290 1633

With Silas, there’s Jamie Oliver, Marco Pierre White or Heston Blumenthal, his rather aspirational go-tos for dinner inspiration. He loves nothing more than to research cooking recipes, comparing and experimenting. A curious hobby, but this fascination with detail has helped him in a professional sense too; all the way to director of CAAA.

He also has a treasured collection of books on architects and their finished masterpieces,which has played a very constructive and integrated way in which he looks at things. It certainly helped him play a pivotal role in managing the successful merger of Wong and Mayes with CAAA in 2018.

Born in Hong Kong, Silas set foot on Australian shores to do his year 10. Silas thoroughly enjoys the culture and the positive team approach at CAAA. At any given moment, he strives for perfection. It’s a tall order indeed, but he’s always up for the challenge.

He has a favourite quote. “If you can’t sell a plan or an idea to your mother, don’t present it to a client.” It serves him very well and keeps his advice practical, considered and effective.

Who do you admire most?

Paul Keating

What is your favourite band?

Cold Play, Savage Garden

What are the values that drive you?

I’m a perfectionist